Reviews by past students

June 20, 2011
By Qi Pei W. (rosemead, CA)

the divers ed was very helpful to me. i find it easier to learn from the videos than the long readings.

June 20, 2011
By Randyn G. (Sunnyvale, CA)

very great, intensely informational

June 19, 2011
By Harrison W. (West Covina, CA)

Very informative and concise

June 16, 2011
By David P. (San Jose, CA)

Great way of learning the california drivers ed!

June 7, 2011
By Son P. (Tustin, CA)

I learn lot from this, it a really good experience

June 3, 2011
By Vanessa R. (Daly City, CA)

It was really easy. And easy to understand and cheap!

May 29, 2011
By kim m. (Lafayette, CA)


May 26, 2011
By Sloane Y. (Elk Grove, CA)

I am amazed at how much I have learned from this course in only a short amount of time. It really helped me understand the responsibilities and basics of driving. I am so glad I chose this driving school!

May 21, 2011
By Kevin R. (Reseda, CA)

Amazing. Finished really quickly. And learned in a very nice pace.

May 21, 2011
By Michael S. (San Diego, CA)

i want to thank you guys for giving me the knowledge i needed to pass this test and the skills i received. i already recommended you to my friend tony and brother damon and sister shelia. Thanks a million.

May 15, 2011
By Maurice J. (torrance, CA)

This Drivers Ed program is a very good and efficient way for teen to learn about the rules of the road. It helped me a lot and I strongly recommend it.

May 15, 2011
By Enrique C. (Bellflower, CA)

This was a fun and easy learning experience it was straight forward and fast but thorough. I'm glad i chose this website.

May 12, 2011
By Jerry V. (Fresno, CA)

I passed my drivers test!

May 10, 2011
By Jimmy H. (Pleasanton, CA)

The online courses here are the most convenient and efficient of all that I have seen so far. Among my friends, most are frustrated by confusing menus and poor information given in the videos. Admittedly, this does lack comprehensive videos for each section, but it does provide videos that reinforce important and general points for the chapter test. Overall, the course provided by Mission Driving School & Golden State Drivers Ed is the best available at the lowest price.

May 8, 2011
By Adam B. (Fullerton, CA)

This greatly improved my performance in driving. I now understand all signs and understand all functions of devices necessary to drive on the road. These tests are simple yet challenging at the same time. These courses are suggested. Thanks!

April 26, 2011
By cesar l. (pittsburg, CA)

This was really helpful, its fast and easy to understand. It's pretty straight forward. I'm glad i chose this.

April 23, 2011
By theresa geneva a. (oxnard, CA)

I LOVED IT. it was very easy and i was able to learn a lot and the timing was perfect. thank you

April 20, 2011
By Brian R. (Huntington Beach, CA)

The course was very good overall. I learned everything that I needed to know and passed every test at the end of a section with 100% ! I recommend this course to those who are just starting their Drivers ED

April 14, 2011
By James H. (Chino, CA)

Easiest site to navigate, learn, and test to be a step closer to a drivers license.

April 12, 2011
By arveen b. (Union City, CA)

It was fast and easy! But also at the same time it was very informative. Love it:]

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